We, the company „Schuhl & Co. GmbH“, represent by the management and shareholder, are committed to our social responsibility worldwide. In particular, as part of our entrepreneurial activities we bear responsibility compared towards our own company, customers and suppliers in the value added chain and towards the environment as well as the society. This code of conduct sets out the common value basis with regard to social and societal responsibility as well as the fair competition. The code of conduct is a voluntary code which we also recommend to other companies. By signing, we committed to upholding these principles

1. Objectives

We are committed to acting in the spirit and ethics of a respectable businessman in all areas of our enterprise activity, because this historically grown example marks responsible participants in the economic life with a distinctive sense of responsibility for the own company, for the society and for the environment.

In particular, we commit ourselves

  • to comply with the law
  • to the orientation towards generally valid values and principles
  • to respect human rights
  • to the ban on discrimination for the health protection
  • to legally regulated working conditions
  • for the ban of hard labour and child employment
  • to the environment protection
  • to the open communication towards employees, customers and suppliers
  • for the corruption ban
  • to the fair behaviour towards competitors
  • to comply with antitrust laws
  • for the protection of business and trade secrets of other

2. Scope, implementation and compliance

This code of conduct is valid for all business units of the company. The company will announce his employees the contents regulated in this code of conduct and the liabilities arising from it. It will work by suitable measures towards the fact that the code of conduct is kept.

3. Whistleblowing policy

Our works council is available to everybody for reports of failure.

This Code of Conduct was signed by Christian Wiese (Managing Director) and André Wiegelmann (Managing Director) on 27.01.2023. You can view / download the signed version here.